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TinyTERM by Century Software


TinyTERM Enterprise for iOS & Android


Powerful Terminal Emulation, Browser Scanning & Configuration / Security Software

What is TinyTERM Enterprise?

TinyTERM Enterprise is an App available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store that combines the following enterprise functions:

  • Terminal Emulation for IBM 3270 / 5250, Unix / Linux and Wyse / ADDS
  • Industrial Browser to run your existing web applications using HTML 5 or JavaScript
  • Built in Configuration, Deployment & Security Features


Why do you need TinyTERM Enterprise?

  • Are you replacing your Windows Mobile Rugged Mobile Computers?
  • Do you need a reliable Terminal Emulation / Customizable Browser for your existing iOS or Android devices?
  • Will you be bringing other iOS or Android applications into your business?
  • Do you need to run web applications, but want a secure, configurable browser - designed for industrial data entry?


Benefits of replacing your current handhelds with TinyTERM and Apple iOS or Android devices:

  • Significantly lower overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Improved productivity, adds multi-functional uses
  • TinyTERM can run your existing back end databases with no changes or customizations
  • TinyTERM Enterprise is straightforward, easy to understand & intuitive so you can use it right out of the box!
  • Installation is fast and seamless.
  • Setup and Configuration is quick & easy. Our documentation is short, to the point and doesn’t require the time or mastery of competing products
  • Support – Support - SUPPORT! We go the extra mile for our customers with premium support to meet YOUR needs to get started and keep going
  • You get a Technical Engineer assigned specifically to you. We believe having rapport with your engineer makes us more effective in helping you.
  • Software integrated barcode reader – NO additional hardware required


Product ImageItem NumberDescriptionPriceBuy Now
TinyTERM Enterprise TinyTERM EnterpriseTinyTERM Enterprise includes Terminal Emulation & Industrial Browser $159.00
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ViewML ViewMLViewML Industrial Browser for iOS Devices $79.00
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TinyTERM Plus Windows TinyTERM Plus WindowsTinyTERM Plus - Windows, Single Seat $159.00
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TinyTERM Mac TinyTERM MacTinyTERM for Mac, Single Seat $129.00
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TinyTERM Linux TinyTERM LinuxTinyTERM for Linux, Single Seat $129.00
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