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The Unitech MS916 BlueMS916 Laser
Barcode Scannertooth Barcode Scanner

Features / Benefits

  • Compatible Windows, Apple iOS, Android, Mac and Blackberry
  • Easy-to-use, user-friendly design with high-performance laser engine
  • Stylish, light weight and convenient to carry or store
  • Supports all 1D barcode symbologies (vertical line)
  • Bright, easy-to-read 1-inch OLED display
  • Power to last all day, recharges with a standard USB connection
  • IP42 dust / moisture certified
  • Withstands multiple 5 foot drops to concrete on any side
  • 1-year limited warranty

The Unitech MS916 is the latest in Unitech's  "companion scanner" series. From entering orders to doing price comparison while shopping, the MS916 allows foolproof collection of barcode data to any iOS, Android or Windows device. The Unitech MS916 paired with a phone or tablet can replace the functions of a FEDEX like delivery scanner at a fraction of the investment

The MS916 uses a conventional laser diode / vibrating mirror type line scanner. This robust and stable technology decodes barcodes with thin bars as small as 0.004" wide and decodes wide bar codes out to ranges of over 4 feet from the code to the scanner. This wide optical decoding range means you can scan "tiny" barcodes like those found inside cell phones but still use the scanner from a fork lift, scanning large pallet labels.

All this performance is packed in a light weight, easy to carry and ergonically designed case. The MS916 stores easily in your pocket and measures just 1.45" wide x 3.78" long x 0.83" thick..It is IP42 certified against dust and moisture and is engineered to withstand high vibration levels and multiple five foot drops to concrete. Rated to perform where temperatures can vary from 32ºF to 122º F, this barcode scanner is equally qualified for use inside your business or on the road.  You can even store barcodes in the scanner for later download - up to 100,000 of them.

As a bluetooth 2.1 EDO device, the MS916 conforms to the HID standard, and will connect to your phone, tablet or PC like a bluetooth keyboard. When the laser lights the barcode, the decoder changes the reflected light pulse into ASCII characters that are then sent just like you pressed those keys on your soft keypad or external keyboard

Product ImageItem NumberDescriptionPriceBuy Now
60152 Kit 60152 KitSellBooksFast's SP2100 Bluetooth Scanner Kit (includes SP2100 laser barcode scanner, lanyard, charge cable, A/C charger, car charger and resource CD) $349.00
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60153 ABS Enclos 60153 ABS EnclosSellBooksFast Protective ABS Enclosure for SP2100 Laser Barcode Scanner - Includes enclosure, aluminum D-Ring and Tie Wrap. $29.99  $24.76
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60154 LowP Car Charge 60154 LowP Car ChargeSellBooksFast SP2100 Laser Barcode Scanner Replacement Auto Recharger, Low Profile $22.00
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60155 LongP Car Charge 60155 LongP Car ChargeSellBooksFast SP2100 Laser Barcode Scanner Long Frame Auto Recharger $22.00
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60156 Boot 60156 BootSellBooksFast Laser Barcode Scanner Protective Rubber Boot, increases drop protection $12.99
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60157 CD 60157 CDSellBooksFast Laser Barcode Scanner Resource CD $10.00
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60158 Lanyard 60158 LanyardNeck / Belt holder for SellBooksFast SP2100 laser barcode scanner, 48" lanyard, retractable reel with belt clip and nylon loop to scanner $10.00
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60159 Battery 60159 BatterySellBooksFast SP2100 1D Barcode Scanner Replacement Battery, LiPo, 1450mAh with board compatible connector. $25.00
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60160 USB 60160 USBSellBooksFast SP2100 Barcode Scanner Laser Replacement USB Cable, Original Equipment $18.00
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60161 SteelReel 60161 SteelReelHeavy Duty Steel Reel Lanyard, for use with SellBooksFast ABS Enclosure $25.99  $23.50
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