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What is Asset Tracking?Assets to Barcode

Asset tracking refers to the ability to locate, identify, and assign assets to an organization, location or person. Almost all business and government entities have expensive tools, electronic equipment and unique stock. An asset tracking system gives you the ability to know the location and status of the assets in the organization, and allows you to do analysis of those assets to determine current status, total utilization, depreciation levels and maintenance requirements.

Remember that Assets are different than Inventory. Assets are re-used, and have a useful life of 12 months or more. Examples of assets would be things like torque wrenches, computers, copiers and forklifts. Their value is depreciated over time. Inventory items are consumed by the organization in the course of doing business.

Most common asset tracking systems use a database program on a desktop PC, a barcode scanner and a unique, durable and uniquely numbered barcode label attached to the specific asset. Asset tracking desktop PC programs allow for descriptive data to be associated with the unique asset label number. This data can (but is not limited to) things like manufacturer, description, location, cost, depreciation schedule, maintenance schedule and software revision.PT630 Scanning Asset ID Barcode

One of the critical aspects of using an Asset Tracking system is logging changes in a specific asset's location. Since everything in the Asset Tracking system's database is related to the unique number for the asset, accuracy in entering these numbers is crucial. The use of barcode scanners in asset tracking provides the required accuracy as well as increased efficiency in data logging. There are 2 ways to use a barcode scanner with and asset tracking system:

  • The barcode scanner you'll use at the PC outside your stockroom will be attached to the computer running the asset tracking software. You'll use it to scan the asset label, and it will put the number into the software just like you typed it in on the computer. This will eliminate any error in keying in the asset, location or employee numbers.
  • When you want to inventory all the assets in a specific location or just want to check the logged description and location of assets you find while walking around, you'll use a portable barcode scanner. This will allow you to inventory, move and add assets as without having to be near the desktop PC. Generally, asset tracking software allows the use of "batch" portable barcode scanners. This means the barcode scanner will store the data in its memory. Later, you will pull the data out of the portable barcode scanner, and import it into the asset tracking system.

Now that you have a definition of asset tracking, its time to see why you should use a barcoded asset tracking system .