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Timecards & Attendance

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Barcode Time and Attendance Tracking Systems

"Employees are our biggest asset". How many times have you heard that mantra?Time and Attendance with Man

The fact is that the production and cost associated with labor make up a significant portion of business cost.  From a management perspective, labor costs need to be managed like other assets. The goal needs to be to maximize productivity while controlling costs. Like other assets, employees as business resources. Monitoring how productive they are, how much they cost, etc provide opportunities for saving money by maximizing their use.Barcode Time and Attendance Software

Barcode technology is a natural fit for automating Time and Attendance tracking. Barcodes and barcode scanners offer a quick and accurate way for each employee to complete time-tracking transactions within Time and Attendance software. Time and Attendance software gives managers the ability to view employee attendance, performance and efficiency data. When the Time and Attendance software has the ability to log labor time against work operations and/or customer jobs, managers can get a complete picture of where labor time is spent.

Automated Time and Attendance systems build on and add to current time logging processes. Time clocks are replaced with automated barcode readers, allowing the employee to perform the function of "clocking in" in a way very similar than they did before. The difference is that the data is digitized and stored on a computer - eliminating the need for paper time cards. With a Barcode Time and Attendance Tracking system, employees can quickly and accurately enter labor transaction detail data - what they're working on and for how long. This detailed data allows you to see exactly how labor resources are expended.

Lets answer the question: "Why Use a Barcode Time and Attendance System" .