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Unitech MS912[MS912-5UBB00]

Unitech MS912

Unitech MS912[MS912-5UBB00]

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The Unitech MS912 bluetooth barcode scanner is a low entry cost, small and durable barcode scanner that works HID to Windows, iOS and Android devices. The 1.05 ounce bluetooth barcode scanner is slightly larger than a 10-stick pack of chewing gum and is conveniently carried around your neck or in your pocket, always ready to scan barcodes when you need it. Although small, the Unitech MS912 is surprisingly rugged. Designed to withstand multiple 5-foot drops to concrete the Unitech MS912 is IP46 rated against dust and moisture. The MS912's bluetooth radio connects easily to your host device and provides consistent performance to a line-of-site distance of 11 feet. In a market segment that often provides a 30 or 90 day limited warranty, Unitech backs up the reliability of the MS912 with a full 1-year guarantee. BarcodeGuy offers extended service plans to insure your MS912 for up to 3 years.

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The Unitech MS912 allows iOS users to toggle the soft keypad by double-pressing the scan button. You can also connect in SPP mode using serial port software available by a third party for Android OS devices.

The MS912's 20,000 record storage capability means users can scan barcodes on work orders, retail products, or physical assets when not in bluetooth radio range of the host computer, tablet or smartphone. As a memory scanner, the scanner is a cost effective way to do full warehouse inventory with many workers and a single source of database entry. It is also invaluable for mobile workers where the work process can benefit from collecting asset, inspection or client work data that will be uploaded later to the main database. Since each stored scan record contains not only the barcode string but also the time stamp and qualitative information the Unitech MS912 is useful in tracking specifics for client billing, date and time of inspections or even operator efficienccy. Since the MS910 might not be connected to a host for several days, the time-stamp can provide accurate verification of work performed over an extended period of time. Data is batched from the MS912 by scanning a control barcode when a host connection is reestablished.  

The Unitech MS912 can connect via its included USB cable (with appropriate host software) and act as a corded scanner. Although the CCD imager has a shorter range, focal length and field of view, it is adequate in applications where the barcode resolution and symbology are of the same size and within its capability