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60158 Lanyard[SellBooksFas]

60158 Lanyard

60158 Lanyard[SellBooksFas]

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The Neck / Belt Holder for the SellBooksFast SP2100 laser barcode scanner mis an indispensible accessory that keeps your scanner where you expect it to be. It includes a normal ID Badge type neck lanyard, with a retractable reel at the bottom. The reel has a high strength cord that fits the loop hole on the UnionNet SP2100 laser barcode scanner body. Once attached, you can pull the scanner out 36" from the reel to scan, then just drop the scanner... it will automatically be retracted back to the reel. You can release the reel from the neck lanyard and use the belt clip on the back to attach the SP2100 laser barcode scanner to your belt, purse, car sun visor or anywhere you need to have the scanner handy.